The Best Cat Scratching Pad – A Review

My cats aren’t picky about their scratching pads. Any piece of corrugated cardboard they can sink their claws into is fine with them. But their favorite, the one they’d say is the best cat scratching pad ever, wasn’t even designed to be a scratching pad.

I originally bought Petstages Cat Scratcher and Tunnel for a very shy foster cat. I thought it would be nice for her to have a place where she could hide and play at the same time.

But like most Petstages products, it didn’t work as planned. The tunnel kept falling over. And that’s how we discovered the Cat Scratcher and Tunnel makes the best cat scratching pad ever.

When it’s folded flat, it provides a huge scratching surface. And when the cat’s done scratching, there’s lots of room for even a very big cat to stretch out for a quick nap. Folded flat, the dimensions are 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches long.

It doesn’t take long for the trim to come loose and start to fall off. But the cats don’t care if their scratcher looks tacky. And if it bothers you, you can always glue it back on. The cardboard itself holds up for many hours of scratching. And when it’s ready to be replaced, just flip the unit over, and the cats have a whole new side.

At our house, one side lasts about six months.

Other scratching pads my cats like are Fatcat Big Mama’s Scratchy Box and 4Claws Scratching Lounge & Bed. But the Cat Scratcher and Tunnel is always their favorite. And their favorite scratching post: this 33″ tall post from New Cat Condos.

Tip: To get your cat to use a scratching pad or post, put it near the entrance to a room the cat uses often or against the furniture he’s scratching.

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