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Remembering Sizzle, My Wonderful Gentle Giant


It’s been nearly a month, and I still don’t believe he’s gone. My huge, beautiful, bright orange Sizzle… He was a patient, gentle soul who loved his cat family, and he loved me almost as much as I still love him. Our cats never really leave us, and I know he’s still here. I feel his presence in all of his favorite places. But I would give anything to be able to see him again and rest my head on his. 

He was so big, when we sat beside each other on the floor, his eyes were almost level with mine. I treasure the memories of those moments when we looked into each other’s eyes, and I told him I loved him more than he could imagine. He’d look back at me with so much affection in his heart and his eyes. I miss him so much…

Thank You Craig’s List

In Loving Memory Of My Honey Cat



Honey with the ceramic cat that reminds me of her.

Last night was the first in 13 years I feel asleep without Honey at my side. She never actually slept with me. She just sat beside me on my bed for a few minutes and looked down at me with so much love in her eyes. Then she’d go under my bed and sleep right beneath my head. Maybe that was her way of sleeping with me. 

Honey came to live with me 13 years ago and brought her kids — Katie and Winston — with her. They were kittens at the time and came from a horrible high-kill shelter in southern Virgina. They were supposed to go to my rescue’s shelter. But Honey was very sick, so they came here as fosters until she was well. Happily for me, they never left. 


Memories Are Made Of This