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Farewell, My Feral Friends

Mr. P was part of my feral cat colony.Mr. P/Photo by Suzanne Bierer

After almost eight years as “head mom” for a feral cat colony, this afternoon I said goodbye to Harmony Hall. I sat in the woods at the cats’ now unused feeding station and lost myself in memories of the feral friends who came and then went, always much too soon, from my life.There were sweet, petite Mrs. P and her spunky look-alike buddy, Groucho. And Blaze. And Torti Love (we never did think of a good name for her). And Molly, who came and went from the group and then came back again. And there was the handsome, bright orange Raider. And our beloved Mr. P, a rotund and almost friendly orange and white tux. How I miss them all.