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Banfield Stops Declawing Cats

Banfield Pet Hospitals have stopped declawing cats, and that really does my heart good. Now, if we could just put to rest some of the myths about declawing cats.

Banfield Pet Hospitals stops declawing cats so they can all enjoy shredding scratching posts like this one is.

A declawed cat couldn’t do this to a cat tree. But he could still climb one.

I’m not sure I could live with a declawed cat. Watching a cat without claws try to grip a toy or scratch a place that itches breaks my heart. Paws come with claws for a reason, and two of them are gripping prey (or toys) and scratching itches. So I was happy to hear that Banfield Pet Hospitals have stopped declawing cats. “Current evidence does not support the use of elective declawing surgery as an alternative to relinquishment, abandonment, or euthanasia,” Banfield says in a new policy statement. But it’s possible the huge chain of vet clinics also saw the claw marks on the wall. The policy statement points out that several of the jurisdictions where it has hospitals ban declawing cats

Declawing is illegal in New York State. And California, New Hampshire and New Jersey are working on statewide declaw bans. Some of the cities that ban declawing include Denver and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Berkeley in California. 

Countries that ban declawing include England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

Declawing Cats Is More Than A Manicure