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How To Make Friends With A New Cat


There's a right way and a wrong way to make friends with a new cat.

You need good manners to make friends with a new cat.

When I got home this evening, a neighbor was trying to make friends with my cat, Belle. Belle’s a cute, tiny tabby, but she’s extremely shy. So the neighbor would take a step forward, and Belle would take a step backwards. This went on until Belle got to a storm drain. Then she disappeared. There are ways to make friends with a new cat, but tromping up to her on the sidewalk isn’t one of them.

When I think about it, the way to make friends with a new cat comes down to good manners and letting the cat take the lead. Let him decide if he wants to become friends with you. And don’t take it personally if he decides he’d rather not.

Manners Matter When You Want To Make Friends With A New Cat

Did You Know The Weather Affects Cat Behavior?

Wanting to wear a muffler is just one way changing weather affects cat behavior. Since the days have started turning colder and shorter, everything is different at my house. My cats show me constantly how the weather affects cat behavior.

They love outside, but they’re spending more time indoors now. Soda spends his days napping in a basket in a sunny spot on my dresser. Sizzle stretches out full length on my bed, also in a sunny spot. Muffitt cuddles into a pile of pillows on my bed. And Honey Cat has taken up residence in my bathroom, where it’s toasty warm. 

They’re eating more, too. And that’s another way the changing weather affects cat behavior. 

How The Weather Affects Cats’ Appetites