Respect Your Cat Day? It’s March 28!

March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day

How will you celebrate Respect Your Cat Day?

I was so surprised to learn that March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day. Don’t you respect your cat every day? I do!

I respect my cats for their grace and beauty, even in old age. And I respect their shrewdness and their resourcefulness, even though they’ve been house cats their entire lives. The wild animal is never far from the surface in our house cats, and I respect and admire that.

So how can we show our cats some respect on Respect Your Cat Day and every day? This is how I show respect. How about you?

How We Make Every Day Respect Your Cat Day

– I think of my cats as exactly what they are… cats! They’re not my furbabies or furkids. They’re adults and contributing members of the family, although their contributions are different from mine. To think less of them would be very disrespectful!

– I think about their comfort, as well as my own when I’m buying and arranging furniture. After all, it’s their house, too. So we have a cat tree with a good view of outside in my office and another one against a window in my bedroom. And we have litter boxes, scratching posts and cardboard scratching pads in locations that are more convenient for them than they are for me. But they’re the ones who use them. We also have cat beds on furniture, including my desk, because I know the cats wouldn’t use them if they were on the floor.

– I might laugh sometimes, but I never make fun of the things they do that seem odd to me but make perfect sense to them. That would be so disrespectful, and they’d hate me for it!

– Although I love scented candles, I never us them or carpet or air fresheners. Our cats’ sense of smell is much more acute than ours is, and all those odors must be very offensive them. And the essential oils those products contain could make the cats very sick.

– When I’m listening to music or watching TV, I keep the volume as low as possible. My cats’ ears are a lot more sensitive than mine are, and loud noises can be painful for them. Besides, listening to blaring music and not being able to get away from it would be really annoying. 

– I refer to my cats as family members or my animal companions, not pets. The word pet sounds belittling and disrespectful to me. And the term “pet parent” makes all of us cringe. 

– Finally, I’ve tried to learn everything I can about cat behavior and what keeps cats healthy and makes them happy. I’ve become fluent in cat body language, too. It seems the least I can do for my cats is learn to speak a few words in their first language and try to understand what they need to enjoy life.

Would Cats Have A Respect Your Human Day?

As far as I can tell, cats don’t celebrate holidays, so Respect Your Human Day is probably not on their calendars.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t respect us and our belongings. Or maybe it does. I’m thinking it wasn’t very respectful of Katie to wrap herself in that black sweater I left on my bed. It’s now covered with white cat hair, and she hasn’t offered to brush it off. But that’s okay. That’s what lint brushes are for. Fortunately, I have a good one!

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