The Four Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cats

One of the best Valentine's Day gifts for cats is your undivided attention.


It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition at our house. Every cat gets a Yeowww Catnip heart. My cats are old, and we have quite a collection by now! When people ask me about Valentine’s Day gifts for cats, the catnip-stuffed hearts and Hot Cats are always my top choices.

But the best gift we can give our cats on Valentine’s Day, and every day, is our undivided attention. Just half an hour or so away from your phone, computer and TV will be as good for you as it is for them. 

Brush them, go for a walk together, play with a wand or fishing pole toy or just talk with them. If you can make this part of your daily routine, all of you will look forward to your time together. 

But if you want to buy something really special, these are my five favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for cats. Clicking on the links will take you to Amazon.

The Four Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cats

Yeowww Catnip Heart

My cats love Yeowww Catnip Hearts, and they last forever. Made in the USA of durable cotton twill, they’re stuff with super-potent organic catnip. My cats are still playing with catnip hearts and other Yeowww toys they’ve had for years. Belle and Muffitt like to swat them across the floor. Sizzle likes to put them in a pile and sleep on them. 


Hot Cats

Deluxe Hot Cats are my cats’ favorite toy. Made in the US of denim twill, Deluxe Hot Cats contain 1 1/2 cups of high octane organic catnip. At 15 inches long, they’re the right size for kicking and hugging. And they last forever. When the catnip starts to lose its punch, just rub the Hot Cat between your hands to refresh it. 



Electronic Butterfly

Most cats love new toys, and the electronic butterfly is especially fun. One of the things I like about it is that it’s a toy the cats can actually catch! The other thing I like is that it’s large enough for adult cats. The stand is broad and heavy, so it won’t fall over when the cat’s playing. The butterfly is 2.8 inches long and 5.3 inches wide. The wire is 9.5 inches long. 


K&H Window Lounger

The K&H Window Lounger is one of the best gifts I ever gave my cats. In addition to our floor-to-ceiling cat trees, we have a couple of these. The loungers attach to windows with powerful suction cups, so your cats can have a window perch, even if you don’t have windowsills. At 12 inches long by 23 inches wide, they’re big enough for an adult cat. Soda and Katy love these almost as much as they love the cat trees. Soda, of course, always gets the top perch!




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