20 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat People

Still shopping? Here are the 20 best Christmas gifts for cat people.It would probably come as no surprise to anyone that my favorite gifts have pictures of cats on them.

I love cats as art. Pictures of beautiful, graceful, mysterious cats decorate many of my walls. Elegant, sometimes colorful, ceramic and glass cats in all shapes and sizes live on my bookshelves. 

And then there are the coffee mugs, many of them given to me by favorite clients. I think of their cats and how much I love them every time I use one of the mugs.

Finding items decorated, not with silly cats, but with cats as art isn't easy in a city of chain stores and big box retailers like mine. But Amazon has lots. So I've done the shopping for you. Here are 20 of the best Christmas gifts for cat people from Amazon. 

The 20 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat People


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