Six Ways To Say Thank You During Cat Lovers Month

It's National Cat Lovers Month!Who would've thought. December is National Cat Lovers Month!

So I guess this is the month when we honor and thank the true cat lovers -- the people who respect and love cats for the amazing, intelligent creatures they are and think of them as more than just cute, fluffy kitties. The people who take the time to learn about cats' unique physical and emotional needs. The people who trap/neuter/return community (feral) cats. The people who run rescues for cats who are down on their luck. And the people who save lives by fostering. 

There are so many true cat lovers. How can we thank them for their hard work, their dedication, and all too often, their tears. 

Here are a few suggestions.

 Some Ways To Thank Cat Lovers

1. Donate to your local no-kill rescue, the people who are in the trenches saving lives every day. Even the tiniest donation will be appreciated and will help.

2. Surprise someone you know who feeds community cats with a gift card for a pet supply store. Feral colony caretakers feed their cats for years, and all that food adds up. 

3. Offer to foster. The best gift of all to a rescue is the ability to save another life. 

4. Donate some food or litter to your local shelter. Just ask what brand they use first.

5. Sponsor a cat. Donate some food, litter and toys especially for him and work as hard as you can to help him get adopted.

6. Write a brief thank-you on your local rescue's Facebook page. We all appreciate a few kind words and a pat on the back. 

If you'd rather give a more tangible gift, here are some great items for cat lovers from Amazon.

Great Gifts For Cat Lovers

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