Looking For Good Luck? Find A Black Cat!

Black cays can bring us good luck

I’m feeling a bit guilty tonight. I missed National Black Cat Day. But then, every day is black cat day for me. I love them. I love to look at them because they’re so beautiful. And they’re usually the nicest cats. I don’t think I’ve ever met a black cat who didn’t turn out to be a cherished friend.

Black cats can bring us good luck, too. Dig into the folklore about black cats, and you’ll find that they’re not always thought of as omens of impending disaster. So if a black cat crosses your path, consider yourself lucky. Although he’s just on his way to someplace he considers important, he may send you good fortune as he strolls by.

Fairies And Witches And Black Cats

 Blame Celtic mythology for all the dire superstitions about black cats. They started with a fairy named Cat Sith, who could make himself look like a huge black cat. Among the creepier things he did was steal recently deceased people’s souls before the gods could claim them.

And then there’s the idea that black cats were witches’ familiars, and some witches could even shape-shift themselves into black cats. Scary, but… ​​

Black Cats Can Bring Us Good Luck
Black cat looking up

If you’re superstitious, black cats can be very lucky, too. But it could depend on where you are in relation to the cat.

Some people believe that a black cat walking towards you will bring you good luck, while a black cat walking away is taking your luck with him.

In Germany, a cat crossing your path is good luck, but only if the cat is walking from left to right.

Sailors thought a black ship’s cat would protect them. And fishermen’s wives believed having a black cat at home would keep their husbands safe.

Oh, and in Scotland, having a black cat on your porch is a sign of future prosperity. In Japan, a black cat living with a single woman could bring her many suitors. In the English Midlands, giving a black cat as a wedding gift can bring good luck to the bride.

Honestly, I don’t believe any of these things. I’m not superstitious. But I do believe black cats are good luck, if only because they bring me such joy and because so many of them have become my close friends.

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