11 Ways We Annoy Our Cats


Picking them up is just one way we annoy our cats.How do we annoy our cats? Just ask Belle. She’s still mad at me for giving in to temptation and picking her up.

She’s so tiny and so cute, I just couldn’t resist. I picked her up and hugged her, my face against hers.

But like most cats, Belle does not appreciate being picked up. And getting squished between my arms really was a bit much. She’s outside now, telling the other cats how annoying and disrespectful I am. 

Despite our best intentions, there are so many things we do that annoy our cats. Here are 11 things we do that really annoy our cats.

11 Ways We Annoy Our Cats

1. To most cats, being picked up is very annoying. They feel safest when their feet are planted firmly on the ground, not suspended in midair. 
2.  Talking baby talk. Okay, so it’s not possible for us to speak our cats’ native language. But they appreciate it when we talk to them like the adults they are. Hearing us refer to them as fur kids or fur babies probably annoys them, too. Fur friends would work. But if we insist on thinking of them as our kids, they’re our adult kids. And after a certain age, they’re certainly not our babies!

3. Blasting the radio and TV. Our cats’ hearing is much more acute than ours, and those loud voices and music hurt their ears. 

4. Laser toys. So you read the ad that says the laser pointer will drive your cat crazy. That’s true. It does. You’d go crazy, too, if you chased a red dot that you couldn’t possibly catch. Those things are beyond annoying!

5. Treating cats like small dogs with attitude. Don’t expect your cat to “sit,” “stay” and “get down” when you tell her to because she won’t unless she’s in the mood. Dogs aim to please. We all know cats could care less. Remember, one of the things you love and envy about your cat is her independence and free spirit. 

6. Saying cats are cute and laughing at them for natural behaviors. There’s a reason why they like to sleep in boxes and climb to the top of the kitchen cabinets. While these things might not make sense to you, they make perfect sense to your cat.

7. Punishing cats for natural behavior, like scratching the furniture, doesn’t just annoy our cats, it makes them frustrated and stressed. There’s a trade-off here. Give your cat scratching posts and pads she loves, and she’ll leave your furniture alone! 

8. Forcing your cat to use scented litter. Your cat wants her litter box to smell like her, not cheap perfume. 

9. Putting those plug-in air fresheners everywhere. No insult, but these also go in the cheap perfume category. While the scent might be pleasant to you, it can be overwhelming to your cat. And the essential oils in air fresheners can be toxic to cats, too. If you have to use air fresheners, your cat will appreciate it if you don’t put them in every single room. 

10. Forcing your cat to be nice to guests. This, too, can be very stressful. If she doesn’t want to hang out with humans she doesn’t know, she’ll go outside or hide in a dark corner somewhere. Dragging her out so your friends can see how beautiful she is isn’t just annoying, it’s very scary.

11. Putting her water bowl right next to her food. While having everything in one place is convenient for you, it’s annoying and stressful for the cat. Cats like a lot of distance between their food and water. Another room for the water is best. Oh, and about those bowls. They should be shallow and wide, so your cat doesn’t crumple her whiskers when she eats. 

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