Looking For Good Luck? Find A Black Cat!

Black cays can bring us good luck

I’m feeling a bit guilty tonight. I missed National Black Cat Day. But then, every day is black cat day for me. I love them. I love to look at them because they’re so beautiful. And they’re usually the nicest cats. I don’t think I’ve ever met a black cat who didn’t turn out to be a cherished friend.

Black cats can bring us good luck, too. Dig into the folklore about black cats, and you’ll find that they’re not always thought of as omens of impending disaster. So if a black cat crosses your path, consider yourself lucky. Although he’s just on his way to someplace he considers important, he may send you good fortune as he strolls by.

The Healing Power Of The Purr

Feeling achy? The healing power of the purr can help.

Who would’ve thought? All I need to cure my aching back is a purring cat. I certainly have an abundance of those! Katie would be the best choice though.  She seems to understand the healing power of the purr and always sleeps against my back in the exact place where it hurts.

But it turns out that it’s not the comforting sound of the purr that heals, so much as the gentle vibration. Think of a purring cat as an ultrasound treatment on four feet. 

Chickens, gorillas, ring-tailed lemurs, rabbits, raccoons, guinea pigs, squirrels and elephants also purr. But you probably wouldn’t want to snuggle up to an elephant or gorilla when you need pain relief. That’s where cats come in.

Farewell, My Feral Friends

Mr. P was part of my feral cat colony.Mr. P/Photo by Suzanne Bierer

After almost eight years as “head mom” for a feral cat colony, this afternoon I said goodbye to Harmony Hall. I sat in the woods at the cats’ now unused feeding station and lost myself in memories of the feral friends who came and then went, always much too soon, from my life.There was sweet, petite Mrs. P and her spunky look-alike buddy, Groucho. And Blaze. And Torti Love (we never did think of a good name for her). And Molly, who came and went from the group and then came back again. And there was the handsome, bright orange Raider. And our beloved Mr. P, a rotund and almost friendly orange and white tux. How I miss them all.

11 Ways We Annoy Our Cats


Picking them up is just one way we annoy our cats.How do we annoy our cats? Just ask Belle. She’s still mad at me for giving in to temptation and picking her up.

She’s so tiny and so cute, I just couldn’t resist. I picked her up and hugged her, my face against hers.

But like most cats, Belle does not appreciate being picked up. And getting squished between my arms really was a bit much. She’s outside now, telling the other cats how annoying and disrespectful I am. 

Despite our best intentions, there are so many things we do that annoy our cats. Here are 11 things we do that really annoy our cats.

11 Ways We Annoy Our Cats

It’s June, Adopt A Cat Month!

Kittens flood into shelters in June, Adopt A Cat Month.Personally, I wish every month was Adopt A Cat Month. But if American Humane had to settle on just one month, June was a good choice. In June, spring kittens flood into shelters. Sadly, many of them, and even more adults, don’t come out alive.

​During Adopt A Cat Month, American Humane hopes to not only encourage adoptions but to call attention to cats’ unique needs.

Cats Get Less Of Everything Than Dogs Do

Ouch! How To Prevent Cat Bites

Angry cat ready to bite, but cat bites can be prevented.© Ermolaev

A few nights ago, I came across an article by Christine Schelling, who’s one of my favorite online vets because of her outspoken stand against declawing. But in this article, she wasn’t talking about declawing. She was discussing cat bites and why they should be taken seriously.I have to admit I’ve had lots of experience with cat bites. For 18 years, I lived with a cat who slept with me every night and would sink every tooth and claw into my arm if I moved the wrong way. And then there was the damaging sneak attack by a pet sitting cat. I still pet sit for her, although she terrifies me.

Having read Dr. Schelling’s article, I realize I should have taken those bites more seriously, and in the future, I will. But I also believe the best cure for a cat bite, like anything else, is prevention.

Seven ‘Catspeak’ Words You Need To Know To Prevent Cat Bites

‘People Food’ For Cats – The Good, The Bad & The Dangerous

People food for cats is great, as long as it doesn't c. ontain onion, chocolate or other toxic ingredients.

Years ago, when I ate meat, my cats would gather in the kitchen around my mealtimes to see what goodies I had for them. Tabby enjoyed her little saucers of milk, and Ted and Van Gogh liked any kind of meat, but pot roast was their favorite. I used to make it just for them. Little did I know that the onion in the gravy they loved could be fatal to cats. I’ve learned a lot since then, and now I know some people food for cats is great, as long as I pay attention to the ingredients. 

People Food That’s Good For Cats

Happy Heart Month! Find Out About Preventing Heart Disease In Cats

It's heart month and the perfect time to think about preventing heart disease in cats. voren1 –

February is heart month, and we’re celebrating in two different ways. I’ve already ordered my cats’ Yeowww Catnip hearts for Valentine’s Day. And now I’m turning my thoughts to something more serious — those essential-for-life muscles that beat inside their chests. After all, healthy hearts are as important for cats as they are for humans.

Six Things That Frustrate Cats

Puzzle feeders are one of the things that frustrate cats.

Humans come up with so many things that frustrate cats. That really hit home this week with my pet sitting cats.

Ollie and Hobbes have a plastic “puzzle feeder” that would be fun if they could figure out how to pull the pieces of kibble through the holes in the plastic. LK and her friends have covered litter boxes with swinging doors — cute, except one cat got tired of being hit in the face every time she had to go to the bathroom and is now using the floor instead. Poor Brian has pills so big they’d choke a horse. And Pebbles has one of those laser toys with the uncatchable red dot.

Six Things That Frustrate Cats

Five New Years Resolutions For My Cats

Tabby cat being petted© mariesacha –

2016 was a difficult year at our house. We lost both a human family member and a beloved cat friend. And I was deeply affected (and traumatized) by the election. But if I was traumatized by the election, my cats were, too. After all, our cats pick up on our thoughts, and when we’re upset, they’re upset, too.

So as I’m looking forward to a new year and a fresh start, I’m thinking about my cats. My resolutions are all about them this year and their mental health. Picking up on each other’s emotions goes two ways. If they’re happy, I’m happy.

New Years Resolutions For The Cats

I don’t think I’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution I kept, but I intend to keep my resolutions this year. After all, the cats are my family, and I want to do these things for them.

  1. I’ll check my emotions at the door. It’s not their fault that my candidate lost or that an impatient driver blasted his horn at me because I didn’t take off at full speed the instant the traffic light turned from red to green. In 2017, I’ll leave my frustration with the world outside and enjoy the peace and calm that comes with sharing space with cats when I’m inside. When I’m calm, they’re calm and happy.
  2. We’ll reestablish our rituals. My cats love to walk with me at night, and we’re going to start doing that again. Every night. No matter what the weather is like. Our walks boost my spirits and doing something together as a family boosts theirs. 
  3. I’ll be more patient with them. Yes, it’s annoying when Boots tries to bury the food that costs well over $1 a can and Soda insists on sitting on the counter while I’m trying to putting food in dishes. But I know I do things that annoy them, too, and they don’t tell me to “Stop!” or “Get Down!” There’s a reason why they do what they do, and I need to remind myself of that and work around them. They work around me. I can do the same for them. 
  4. I’ll be more patient with the technology that seems to rule our lives. It’s not their fault that I can’t find what I’m looking for on a Web page or that Google can’t figure out what I’m searching for and return helpful results. And when I hurl nasty words at my laptop, they have no idea whether I’m angry with my computer or with them. So when I’m frustrated with all the “devices” I own, as I often am, I’ll take a deep breath or count to 10, or even better, take a break and pet a cat. Then, we’ll all be calm, and in the meantime, maybe the offending computer, iPad or phone will figure things out for itself. 
  5. My schedule won’t become their schedule. Their dinner shouldn’t be late just because I’m deep into a writing project. Taking a break to fix their food at the right time will be as good for me as it is for them. 

The New Year Starts Now

I’ve been writing and writing, and now it’s way past the cats’ dinnertime. Muffitt is standing on my lap with her fluffy tail in my face. Sizzle is lying on my feet. And Soda and Boots are sitting beside my desk watching me and looking grouchy. They could care less about my blog. They just want to eat. So that’s what we’ll do. And tomorrow night, technology willing, I’ll stop work a couple of hours earlier so we can get the year off to a good start by having dinner on time. But first, we’ll go for a walk. I’m looking forward to that. 

Happy New Year to all of our friends. My cats and I hope 2017 will be a very good year for all of you. 

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