Cat Food Customized For Me!


Hey, World! Ginger here! I don’t do much blogging because I have important things to do outside. But I just had to tell you about this new dry food The Human found. It can be customized just for me. How cool is that?

So The Human went to the Petbrosia website and typed in some information about me. She told them my age and said I’m young, active and beautiful. Well, I don’t know if she mentioned the beautiful part. But I am. Don’t you agree?

In just a few minutes, the behind-the-scenes cat nutritionists came up with a special blend that matches my size, age, activity level and lifestyle. It doesn’t have any grain, and The Human and I like that all the ingredients are sourced in the US.

It sounds so good! I love chicken. I’m not so sure about the kale, but The Human says it’s good for me, and maybe I won’t be able to taste it because it’s mixed in with lots of other things. Can’t wait until it gets here, and I might share with Boccelli. I won’t share with Belle, though, because she’s a bit pudgy and might need a different recipe.

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